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Carroll County Animal Shelter Live Release Rates
Live release (LRR) is calculated by adding adoptions,return to owner, rescue and community cat program divided by total intake
(Adoptions + return to owner + rescue + community cat program/Total Intake=LRR

 2015 Statistics

2016 Statistics

2017 Statistics(through June)

Dogs – 2759             Intake:  Cats – 1745
Adoptions:                                1549
RTO                                                 289
Rescue                                            454
Community Cat Release        175
Euthanasia   1044                    2028
Live Release Rate-57%
   Dogs – 2182                     Intake: Cats – 1581
Adoptions:                                      1634
RTO                                                      329
Rescue                                                304
Community Cat Release           449
Euthanasia                                        989
Live Release Rate-72%
Dogs- 1367                      Cats-798
Adoptions                                  1078
RTO                                                203
Rescue                                           190
Community Cat Release       211
Euthanasia                                    205
Live Release Rate-77%


+Dogs treated for Heartworms-11
+Dogs testing positive for Parvo saved-0

+Dogs treated for Heartworms-16
+Dogs testing positive for parvo saved-5

+Dogs treated for Heartworms-24
This is up to the end of June!
+Dogs testing positve for parvo saved-8